Hi everyone!
Last week my friend in Iceland called me…

Larus: I recorded six tracks of ambient music about a year ago…
Me: Yeah… so what?
Larus: Well I was wondering if I could use one of your abstract photo’s for the cover?
Me: No problem, which one?
Larus: Not sure, I thought it might be good if you decide…
Me: Eh?
Larus: Yes… are you by the computer…
Me: Never away from it.
Larus: Okay… I’m mailing you the tracks.
Me: Ambient music… aint that the stuff you hear in supermarkets and elevators?
Larus: Not quite…
Me: You realise I’m bouncing off the walls to ‘My Friend Dario’ by Vitalic at the moment…
Larus: Who…
Me: Never mind… you should try visiting my blog sometime!
Larus: And titles… can you give titles to the tracks…
Me: Do you want me to fly over and cook you dinner?
Larus: I’ve eaten.
Me: I will have to listen to your music over and over again to come up with titles that feel truthful to me and then hope they resonate with you…
Larus: Sounds good… give it a try!

the beauty of an ending front coverthe beauty of an ending back cover

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