You Radiance

Rudolf Steiner 1908

A poem Daisy Aldan wrote about Rudolf Steiner

You radiance in wind,
concentrically weaving in and out of window frames
in concrete and steel skeleton structures, whirl

toward my ruined orbit.
Help me to sprout coral branches of light
antennae of the Eternal, through the prison

of my skull. Lead my
resurrected insight toward that mercurial
Sun-abyss where Archangels are holding council;

let me know those plans they’re
concocting for us down here. Let the eyes in your
photograph pasted to my wall, transmute to mine,

balance between Here and There.
Sweep, golden-angel-winged, into my monotonous
opacity, and spark that luminous

region near my heart
which, you say, moves to understand the stars,
that I may perceive Man’s spidery ties

to constellations:
And let my footsteps glide in tranquil three-time
pace, during the earthly sun-period of my brain;

for they are restless
as a broken radiator; and I am angry,
and gossip about my friends…

Let the squealing tones
of my voice deepen, and my tongue learn the folly
of useless chatter. Make me wise to choose

to shun the Trap of Fame
whose prize is a great hunk of putrefied cheese:
For I sniff at the plastic lures of the senses

and forget it is enough
for God to Mouthe my name. Let Promethean fire
fill me, though chained to a rock; symmetry not entice,

nor the rectangles of Albers.
Beholding, let me face the blind of back alleys:
And guide the words I write to join your beacon to the Gods!


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