That Little Voice


Oh my God… look how high this is… my legs are like jelly, the wall around this tower is only 3ft high…
It’s perfect…
What do you mean ‘it’s perfect?’
For you to… you know what.
I don’t want to jump!
But you should… you want to really… and it’s a nice place to do it.
Leave me alone… I’m taking a picture…
Go on, don’t be afraid…

the most magnificent pastime

That’s it… lean right over… just a bit more… get the perfect shot hee hee
are you feeling dizzy, look at those lovely black rocks waiting for you…

balcony shot

Oh, you like this one don’t you, standing here for an hour already, waiting for the light to change… how cute…
Go away…
But you can fly… let everybody see how you can fly… that’s why there’s no safety rail…
I’m not listening to you.
Then why are you sweating… untie the rope… trust me…



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