Street Shots!

Street photography seems to be all the rage at the moment so thought I would put together a few of my best and hope some of you guys will check them out! I haven’t done much of it but do know you have to be quick and spontaneous otherwise the moment is lost… forever… and that’s a heck of a long time!

This first shot is in Belgrade… just look at the kids turning towards the popcorn kiosk…


Now here is a trio of pics from Dublin…
‘Dublin Corner’… I took this quite early on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe what the guy in the corner was doing and neither could the poor woman opposite. Not only that, someone who looks like Johnny Depp appeared in the scene and look at that disinterested pigeon!


And this one… how could I resist?

man and stick

I was very lucky with this next photo… ‘Rising’


I mostly take landscape shots and particularly love the theme of ‘isolation’… I also tinker with abstract photos… and you may wonder… ‘what on earth is this?’


I won’t keep you in suspense, it’s Mars of course.

Stay with me, we are heading towards Sarajevo and the best street photo I have taken…

Here, I’m hanging out of a tram. I like that I can only see the taxi drivers hand…

tram shot

Incidentally, Sarajevo was the first city in the world to have trams. They were put there by the Austrians as an ‘experiment’… jolly decent of them.

Here’s a lady… and a Count in jogging pants…

black and white

This last one is my favourite, ‘The Arms of a Building.’ I was walking through town and suddenly had the impulse to take a picture. How fortunate to capture the hug and the red tones on either side of the shot… yeah, I was really pleased with this one…

arms of a building

I was reading on another blog about taking street photography into the cafes, especially when it is raining… it’s a good idea I suppose, an opportunity to capture people when they are relaxed… then I thought about ‘Eddies Truck Stop Cafe’, a greasy spoon slop house that I know. I wouldn’t like to start taking photos in there, it’s even risky to lift your eyes from the plate in front of you. I think after a few minutes your ‘Nikon/Minolta supercharged hybrid XL998’ would be at the bottom of a deep fat fryer… “Do you want chips and beans with your camera… sir?”

Have a good day all 🙂


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