Oh Briony!


Sitting cross-legged in school assembly
a little note was coming down the line,
there were giggles and little ‘shushes’
as it was passed along and peeped at by
every Tom. And when that note finally
got to me, the whole school turned to
look and see, as the name on the written
piece was for yours truly. I opened the
fold and saw that it was from Briony,
the girl I loved and my first kiss but in
a month of Sundays I was not expecting
this. ‘I never did like you. Goodbye
forever’ are the words I read. There and
then the whole school roared as I went
crimson red. Something died in me that
day as I lowered my head and tried not
to cry. Oh Briony I was so in love with
you, the chocolate bars and jewelry too,
all the lovely gifts I stole for you. Now
the kids they laugh and scoff, how could
you make me into such a laughing stock?



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