Car Park Friend

car park friend

I first noticed the little red Daihatsu in the car park last week… it was jam-packed full of stuff so guessed that someone was moving into the building next door…
Last Sunday evening, I went to my yellow Suzuki Wagon to drink a bottle of beer, an almost daily ritual I have pursued for years… I just love it, sitting alone, looking at the trees and shrubs opposite, whiling away my time… then I saw someone at the Daihatsu… she was looking at me. I went to say ‘hello’ and we ended up talking for a few hours…
On Monday, the following evening, the same happened again, we spent hours talking about all sorts of things, a heady mix of serious and nonsense, it was a lot of fun…
Then on Tuesday evening, she was in her car waiting for me! It really felt like we connected on some level… she told her mother that she had a new ‘car park friend’… it was great to share my car park mentality with someone the same as me!
But on Wednesday it was all over. Her on/off boyfriend who lives in a white van miles away in Devon arrived… they are now in Italy on a retreat somewhere…
Anyway, it’s that time of the day, you know where I’ll be after I’ve clicked the publish button…

Happy Weekend all.


Car park friend Caroline


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