The Guy on the Sofa


In February 2017 I had a photo exhibition at Rudolf Steiner House in London. I knew this venue because I decorated the building in 2007. However, this post isn’t about my blurry abstract images and all the mistakes I made, choosing the wrong photo’s and frames for example… no… it’s about the guy on the sofa…

A few weeks before the exhibition, I was getting prints made at a studio in Forest Row, a small village (about 30 miles south of London) close to where I live. The person printing my images was an affable young man (21) called Matt, rather aptly I suppose, given the finishes available on photographic papers and me being a decorator. Anyway, I made quite a few visits to the studio and one afternoon we started talking about music…


Melody (2017)

Matt told me that some years back, his older sister had left home and was renting an apartment locally. One evening, she and her friends went to one of the village pubs to see a band. In the bar was a guy on his own, he had hitched from London because he was broke. Somehow, he started talking with Matt’s sister and friends. They watched the band together and had a really great evening. At the end of the night, the guy asked Matt’s sister if he could sleep on her sofa and hitch back to London early in the morning. She felt comfortable with him so let him stay over… he was a total gentleman and very grateful… they had coffee in the morning and then he went on his way…

When Matt told me this story, I really didn’t know who the guy was… now I do and love it! I just wish I had more details… which pub and band…


The guy on the sofa was Ed Sheeran.

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